Warranty & Return Policy

Dear Customers: This notice concerns several important adjustment procedures. Please read carefully as these adjusted procedures will be carried out immediately upon receipt.


All Express Imports items carry a 60-day warranty. You must have a copy of the customer's receipt with purchase date. Otherwise, warranty will be void.

Shortage Claims

Please count your shipment carefully for shortage upon receipt. Compare each item number and quantity to the invoice. Express Imports will not be responsible for any shortage after the truck driver has left the store. If there is any shortage, describe it on the invoice and have the truck driver verify and sign. If any change of payment from invoice is necessary, please call Express Imports at once. No deductions from payment will be accepted without prior approval.

Part Shortages, Factory Defects or Damages

Inspect for faulty merchandise, missing or wrong parts etc., within 30 days of receipt. Inform Express Imports immediately if there are part shortages, defects or damages. Express Imports will send the parts to you as soon as possible or notify you of necessary action taken.

Exchange and Return Policy

Any customer wanting to exchange or return merchandise to Express Imports for any reason must follow the procedure below:

Verify that the merchandise is from Express Imports (provide correct invoice #). Describe to Express Imports the reasons for exchange or return. Obtain an approval for exchange or return. No exchanges or returns will be accepted without prior approval. Repackage the merchandise in the original box. No exchanges or returns will be accepted if the merchandise is not properly repackaged. Present copy of customer receipt with purchase date. If your customer returned merchandise to you, you must have copy of their receipt with a purchase date of 60 days or less. When shipping factory defect merchandise you will need to use the following codes on the Bill of Lading: (Novelties No. 1, Item 56290, Sub 9, Class 70). No other description should be on the Bill of Lading other than what is listed above along with number of and weight. All invoices are expected to be paid in full and within terms. Credit memo will be issued either separately or on your next invoice.Returned merchandise
will be given credit when it is received back at our warehouse.

Exchanges & Return Policy - Lamps

Any customer possessing defective lamps must follow the procedures below:

Verify that the lamps are from Express Imports (provide correct invoice #). Report to Express Imports about the defective lamps. Repackage the defective lamps back in the original box properly. Express Imports will send sales representative/driver to your store to pick up the defective lamps as soon as possible (preferably within 7 days). Express Imports will provide both labor and parts for repair. Express Imports will check and test every aspect of the lamps to make sure they are in good condition before they are sent back. Express Imports will return the repaired lamps as soon as possible.

Bunk Beds

To keep the bunk beds from bending, the manufacturer strongly recommends the use of a bunkie board underneath the mattress. Also be sure the bunk bed is assembled correctly from manufacturer instructions. All factory warranties are according to these terms and within 60 days of the purchase (a receipt with the customer's purchase date is required).